Authentication for public Wi-Fi networks

Authenticate Wi-Fi users with SMS at hotels, restaurants and cafes

Free trial

Enforcement of legislative requirements

The user authentication is carried out by authentic establishment of the subscriber number assigned to the user

Unlimited SMS

We do not charge for amount of authentication

One-time authentication

Users will be granted internet access at all your locations once they're authenticated

Redirect after authentication

You can specify a website or landing page to redirect to after authentication

Variety of devices supported

You do not need to change your router

Collecting contacts

We collect and store user contacts for use in marketing campaings

Usage reports

We provide customized reports with authorization information and Internet usage

How SMS Authentication works

Set up your router to send authentication requests to our servers. When a user tries to connect to your Wi-Fi network he or she is redirected to a branded login page and is asked for a phone number to send SMS password to. User has to enter the recevied password on the login page to verify his phone number and to get an access to Internet. Next time a user is authenticated by MAC address and he is not asked for a phone verification.


How authorization by vouchers works

You create a voucher (one-time login/password pair) that allows a user to have Internet access for specified time, for instance for the period of stay of a hotel guest. After connecting to Wi-Fi network a user is asked for those credentials. After time is expired a user is disconnected from Internet and the voucher is no longer valid.

Supported routers

We support Mikrotik Wi-Fi routers with RouterOS, Zyxel Keenetic, TP-Link EAP Controller and SOHO routers with DD-WRT firmware and Chillispot service installed.
Check if your router supports DD-WRT and download firmware with the following form:




Per hotspot
  • SMS included Unlimited
  • Customized login page
  • Reports
  • Free trial 1 Month

Vouchers authorization


Per hotspot
  • Time limited access
  • Customized login page
  • Reports
  • Free trial 1 Month